About Me

The Skin Tavern was created from a passion for art and a desire to sustain youth.  From a young age, I discovered my talent for drawing – an ability that was passed onto me from my grandfather. 

Before my career path in the cosmetic world, I explored other creative avenues such as marketing & photography.  All the while, my love for art continued where I began to focus on the human face and became determined to master realistic drawings of people.  In conjunction with this, advances in permanent makeup began to gain popularity with realistic techniques that sparked my interest such as microblading and lip blushing.  

During my own experience with receiving cosmetic procedures, I became such an advocate for treatments like mircroneedling & kept a constant eye on new & worthwhile procedures.  By chance, I realized I had an opportunity to become a practitioner of these treatments/procedures, and it all made sense for what I should embark on next!  

While many people venture down this career path, I knew that my eye for detail and precision could set me apart in the industry.  This was a way for me to combine all of the things that I love – art applied to microblading & lip blushing and the desire to sustain youth applied to fibroblast skin tightening & microneedling.  It’s been exciting to educate people on these things that I stand so strongly behind, and what better way to do that than to prove it by making it a career!